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Sorry It’s Not Working For You :(

I do my best to improve the plugin and ensure that it works smoothly, but there are so many usage patterns and software configurations that there’s always going to be a fraction of users who have difficulties.

But… Maintaining a Plugin Takes Time and No One Gives Anything Back!

At the time of writing this, there have been over 20000 downloads and I’ve received a mere $25 in donations. That equates to an hourly rate well under 10 cents.

I used to analyze CSV files, log into people’s dashboards, and write long emails, but I barely ever got a thank you let alone a donation.

Reality Check: Free Plugins Are Not Really Free

The reality is that they either cost the developer’s time, or they cost you your time/money. Since the WordPress community is largely one of taking the developer’s time for granted, get used to more and more developers not bothering with helping you.

You’re Not My Customer Unless You Pay Me So Drop The Attitude

It’s hard to believe, but I occasionally get angry/threatening/bullying messages from people as if I owe them something because my plugin doesn’t work perfectly.

I Gave You A Gift.

If it doesn’t work, then sorry, but I don’t owe you another gift (of my time). You took a punt on my plugin because it was free. If it doesn’t work, then too bad, go pay for plugin or hire a developer to make you one. Harassing me is beyond rude and totally ridiculous. When was the last time you harassed someone who gave you dozens of hours of their time for free?

I clearly state all over my documentation that you should have a full backup of your site so that you can recover from any issues quickly. That advice is true for WordPress in general and has nothing to do with the quality of my code. Please don’t come to me with a story of you wasting 10 hours of your time. It’s your own fault for not having a backup.

So… How Can You Solve Your Problem?

Firstly, if you don’t want to waste time, just go and buy a commercial CSV plugin. In an ideal world you’d use my plugin and donate $10, but in reality no one does that so I can’t devote much time to improving it and instead you’ll probably have to fork out $100+. Shame, but that’s the short sighted nature of the WP community these days.

If You’re A Developer…

Solve it yourself! Most of you are being paid to solve problems for your clients and you’re trying to do so with my plugin (my labour!). Don’t expect me to do your job for you. Most of the time problems are related to your development or your server config anyway.

This is an open source project. If it doesn’t work for you, then fix it, and send your improved version of the code back to me so that others can benefit.

If You’re Not A Developer…

I can’t teach you to program or how to manage your server or how to diagnose problems. If you just want plug and play, then try a different plugin. Consider buying one for $100+.

If for some reason you really love my plugin and must get it working, then perhaps you should consider contacting your developer.

Think This Page Is Over The Top?

Try mowing your neighbours lawn for free for 12 months, and then have him complain about the quality of the job you do…

Thank You To Those Who Have Donated!

There aren’t many of you, but thank you again.

If anyone else appreciates my plugin and would like to invest in its future, please make a contribution here:

Best Wishes


  1. Hey Paul,

    I just fired up your plugin and it allowed me to move forward with some notification functionality on my site. I appreciate the work you put into the plugin and I sent ya 5 bucks, have a beer on me!

    Take care

  2. The thinking of many of us! cheers!

  3. I haven’t even really used this plugin yet and I want to donate just based on this page. I LOVE it..,the page, not the plugin…yet. Hours searching for one that seems to have what I’m looking for and I have a good feeling that tomorrow will be the day I finally get to import files properly. :) Nice job on the rant, I’ll be back tomorrow with 10 skins if all goes as anticipated.

  4. Awesome tool! Donation sent.

  5. Hi, I am sorry, I sent an email before I read this page. Thank you for all of your work on this plugin, I have just made a donation.

    Best wishes


  6. Hey Paul

    I left a review and just sent a $10 donation. I’m so glad I found your plugin and didn’t waste my money on a paid plugin which had fewer features than yours. I was having a hell of a time exporting some posts which had HTML and being able to select the delimiter, and enclosure character was a big plus. Simple design, easy to use and does what anyone needs to import / export posts and pages in WordPress. Thank you, enjoy a drink or two on me.

  7. Paul,
    I don’t know whether your plugin will work for my purposes or not, but I LOVE your rant about the leeches in this world. I’m a total newbie to the dev world, just trying to learn what I can by example and truly appreciate the hard work of people like you. It’s a bloody shame so many people have the “gimme” attitude and refuse to even consider paying for something that was the result of another’s hard work. I view it as a gift and a bargain at your suggested $10. Please accept my paltry contribution and my hearty thanks!

    Best Wishes!


    • Thanks Mark! Very generous of you! Hope it does what you need and I hope you get some usage out of it.

      Best wishes


  8. Paul,

    Thank you SO MUCH for this plugin!! It has been FOUNDATIONAL in my ability to add and edit bulk posts to

    The site is new and climbing up the search engine rankings and traffic has been on a steady slope up – it is getting traffic in large part because of the depth of content I’ve been able to add due SOLELY to your plugin. To add posts one at a time… It would have never happened.

    I owe you many thanks – as does the community the site serves. I couldn’t find how to make a donation a couple of months ago – please drop a link for donations on this page.

    Thank you again!!

    • Thanks John. Shucks! Appreciate the donation and the plug. While the plugin made it easier, I’m sure the success of the site is mostly due to the fact that your site is there to help people, as well as the quality of your content. It looks like a fantastic resource for those interested in AA topics.

      I didn’t think it appropriate to add a donate button here when I initially wrote this post, but I guess there’s no harm in adding one. Thanks for the feedback/suggestion.


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